Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Technology is Wonderful... when it works!

Isn't technology wonderful? When it works!?!?! I'm sitting here listening to my friend John Jennings' (WORD Music) wife's (Shelley Jennings) CD, "Redeemed" on my relatively new Apple PowerBook G4 15 laptop (running Mac OS X),
updating my blog from my old faithful
Sony PCG-GRX570 laptop (running WinXP),

troubleshooting a dinosaur IJAM laptop (running Windows 98SE)! Just struck me funny to be using/working on 3 machines with three different OS's at the same time. Well back to the troubleshooting...

Monday, February 20, 2006

24 on Fox

Okay, I admit it... I don't miss "24" on Fox every Monday night. Great storyline - fast pace - great suspense - what more could you want in a television show? I watch very little TV, and there is really no other program that I watch consistently, but this is one I don't miss!! It gets taped if I'm busy elsewhere @ 9 p.m.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Roku SoundBridge - as cool as sliced bread!

Okay, I just turned 40 (maybe more on that in a future post) and received a little cash for fun spending... With it I purchased a Roku SoundBridge M1001.
This has got to be one of the coolest "gadgets" around for those with iTunes on your computer. I can play songs from any of our home computers thru the wireless network with this little gadget connected to our stereo in the great room! Check out their website for more details, but so far I am loving it! (*worth noting - it does NOT play music "purchased" through the iTunes store at this time - hopefully a future software upgrade if they work out the licensing issues with Apple)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Is Your Church Next??

Not particularly an activist, but do believe the entire Word of God - especially as it relates to expressions of Worship... so with the definition of Southern Baptist being (at least in part) one who believes every word of the Bible, I consider myself a Southern Baptist (and have been one my whole life). Read below, and be alarmed if you also believe every word of the Bible - your church or your Pastor could be next... Whatever happened to local church autonomy??

originally posted at Associated Baptist Press News

Charismatic-leaning Southern Baptists being betrayed, excluded, says pastor
By John Pierce Published: February 9, 2006
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (ABP) -- When Paul Pressler and Paige Patterson launched a revolution within the Southern Baptist Convention, they found an eager soldier in
Ron Phillips.
Phillips, 58, has been pastor of
Central Baptist Church of Hixson, near Chattanooga, Tenn., since 1979 -- the year the so-called "conservative resurgence” began within the SBC.
In the early 1990s, he served as chair of the Home Mission Board, since renamed the North American Mission Board. But in 1989 he had “an experience with the Holy Spirit” that changed his life and ministry significantly.
Though once an insider in the conservative movement, Phillips now sees himself as excluded from SBC life.
“I do believe Paige [Patterson] and others have betrayed every one of us,” said Phillips, whose church is now known as Abba’s House and draws about 3,000 worshippers each Sunday.
The congregation identifies itself as “a Spirit-filled Southern Baptist church” that “operates in the gifts of the Spirit while holding to the Word of God.” Phillips said his congregation affirms biblical authority -- what he thought was the sole issue in the SBC controversy.
“We thought it was a commitment to a higher view of scripture, rather than a narrowing view of fundamentalism,” said Phillips, who helped carry out the radical reshaping of the convention as HMB chair.
The suggestion that he is now on the receiving end of what he helped create is certainly “fair,” Phillips confessed. He said he has apologized to many who were excluded from SBC life in past years. “I was much younger,” he said. “But I was very serious and sincere.”
Phillips was elected president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention in 1991, even after his “experience with the Holy Spirit.” There were no problems, he said, because “I didn’t get up and talk about it.”
In his book,
Awakened by the Spirit, Phillips shares his emerging theological and historical perspectives as a “Spirit-filled” Baptist. He said his passion for evangelism and missions remains high, but he is finding it harder to support the work of Southern Baptists.
He said convention policies -- including the one recently adopted by the International Mission Board that excludes missionary candidates who use a "
private prayer language" -- are pushing more good Baptists away.
“We’re shocked and betrayed by what has happened at the International Mission Board,” said Phillips. “I feel like it is a precursor to a total booting out of Baptists with charismatic leanings.”
In response,
Paige Patterson said neither he nor anyone else to his knowledge ever made a promise to include charismatic persons in all aspects of SBC life. And his position on gifts of the Spirit, he said, has been known publicly for years and is documented in a commentary he wrote on 1 Corinthians.
“The Bible says not to forbid speaking in tongues, since the miracle of Acts 2, for example, was a miracle of God,” said Patterson. “However, Paul builds in so many restrictions in 1 Corinthians 14 as to make the practice of mere utterance, what is practiced mostly today, virtually of little value.”
Patterson said, as a Baptist, he would not forbid anyone from speaking in tongues, but would not call such a person to be his pastor or appoint someone with such leanings as a seminary professor.
“I cannot imagine why anyone could feel betrayed,” said Patterson, now president of
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. “Most of us don’t make deals; we try to understand Scripture and faithfully preach it.”
Phillips, however, reads such a promise from page 158 of
Paul Pressler’s book, A Hill On Which To Die, released in 1999.
In his personal recounting of the rightward shift in the SBC, Pressler writes: “The liberals had said that after the conservatives finished with those who held different views of the nature of the Bible, they would begin attacking the charismatics (neo-Pentecostals). … They said conservatives wanted to make everybody think just as they do. Such a charge is ludicrous, but it did worry some people such as my friend Wally Henley [pastor of Encourager Church in Houston], who had charismatic leanings. … I assured him that Paige, our friends, and I would not turn on charismatics after the battle over biblical authority was won. He trusted us, and he and others have now seen that this issue will not be a test of fellowship."
That assurance, however, is not being kept by SBC leaders, said Phillips. And the growing restrictions within SBC agencies make it harder for him and others to stay connected.
“I think this is an effort to exclude ‘Word and Spirit’ people” from the SBC, he said.
Like others, such as Oklahoma pastor Wade Burleson, whose removal as an IMB trustee is being sought by the agency’s board, Phillips sees the
new restrictions on overseas missionaries as an assault on IMB President Jerry Rankin, who admitted to having a private prayer language.
Phillips said if the trustees think such practices are biblically wrong, they should make the new restrictions retroactive to current missionaries and staff -- rather than applicable to future candidates only. Otherwise, he said, it is a moot point.
Phillips called
the latest restrictions on missionaries “horrible.” Private prayer practices "should be nobody’s business,” he said.
Phillips said he doesn’t know Rankin personally but has heard wonderful reports about his leadership from missionaries he has encountered around the world. He predicted the new restrictions on missionaries will hurt Southern Baptist efforts to become more ethnically diverse also. “Many African-American congregations that are Southern Baptist operate with the leadership of the Holy Spirit,” said Phillips. “That’s got to be an issue.”
Phillips also claimed that members of his congregation are no longer able to serve as missionaries -- even as volunteers -- of NAMB, the SBC agency he once led.
Marty King, NAMB spokesman, said the agency does not screen volunteers for charismatic leanings. The board does have a
policy, King said, that prohibits appointed missionaries and endorsed chaplains from practicing glossalalia (speaking in tongues), including a private prayer language.
So does Phillips still consider himself a Southern Baptist?
“I do,” he said. “I think I’m the real deal.”
Phillips said he is not mad at those he helped to gain power in the SBC, just concerned that they have “embraced what I call McCarthyism.” Their philosophy, he said, seems to be “us four and no more.”
Phillips said he and his congregation are relating to a wider group of Christians than before. Independent Baptists, and even so-called moderate Baptists within and outside the SBC, are more open to him than current Southern Baptist leaders, he said.
“I have spoken in some moderate churches and have had some great revivals,” said Phillips. “I think there is a greater hunger in moderate churches for the Holy Spirit.”
Just admitting that, said Phillips, would probably cause some Southern Baptist leaders to call him a liberal.
Phillips said he and his congregation are partnering for missions and evangelism wherever they find acceptance and support.
“We want to go where we are celebrated, not just tolerated,” said Phillips.
(end of article)

Maybe they're beginning to "get it" - read this article about a recent "reversal" to an earlier decision regarding Wade Burleson.

After reading through several different posts, I've found the SBC Outpost blogsite to be one of considerable interest. Continue watching how this all unfolds there.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Metro 2 Music Ministers' Useful Websites

Great to be with the Metro 2 Music Ministers this week! Here are their "Useful Websites" as submitted for this year's meeting: