Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat??

Yes, I just got back from going door to door with 2 of our kids - our 13 yr. old daughter, and 5 yr. old son. No, we did not dress up in costumes - but we would have if we'd have had the time. Yes, go ahead and call me unspiritual, but going door to door and getting lots of candy from the neighbors is a really fun thing for kids!! (I admit I even enjoyed watching them have so much fun.) But wait!! Maybe you've forgotten how much fun it was when you were their age?? One of the neighbors asked, "where's your mask?" I almost fell off the sidewalk laughing when "the boy" (our term of endearment for the 5 yr. old) answered, "We don't celebrate Halloween, but we trick or treat!!" - very matter of factly and as seriously as any adult you or I know!! Our 13 yr. old almost died of embarassment, but it was a priceless and rare moment of honesty, stated as only a 5 yr. old boy could!!

That actually was not my reason for this post, but I couldn't resist retelling, so that it will live in our family's stories, and for the time being in the blogosphere.

So, what's my point? The whole trick or treat phrase got me thinking about churches... Is your church a trick or a treat? You see, many churches "advertise" one thing, and then when attending, what you get is something very different - a "trick", if you will. One of the Pastors I previously served with had a saying that went something like this... "We're not going to advertise something in the showroom that we can't deliver from the warehouse." (I'm not sure if that's exactly the phrasiology he used, but it's close enough.) How many churches do that on a weekly basis? We've all visited some, and you might even attend one now. It's no wonder the average Joe is turned off by the entire experience we call church when what is promised (advertised) can't be delivered. Things like grace, acceptance, forgiveness... I could go on, but I think you get it. May God give us all a holy dose of "truth in advertising" and/or change us and our churches drastically so that we can deliver everything He has for us to deliver to a lost and dying world!!

When's the last time you had as much fun at church as the kids in your neighborhood did trick or treating tonight?? How about people lined up and running in the streets to get whatever your church has??

...just a thought...