Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let Me Get Lost

For some reason I've had this song in my head for the last week or so. ;-) In order to help get it out of my system, I'm posting the lyrics here.

Cynthia Clawson wrote and recorded it in 1986. Yes, I'm dating myself now, but I have to be one of her biggest fans! She has one of the most incredible voices I've ever heard, and what she does on records pales in comparison to what she can do live - a rarity! This song is from her CD "Immortal" which is probably one of her best projects, IMHO.

Let Me Get Lost
Words by Cynthia Clawson, Music by Cynthia Clawson and John Rosasco

I've spent most of my life
Trying to find a way
To satisfy some hunger in my soul
I wanted to be recognized
As one to take the lead
But somewhere in the crowd I lost the road

I'm running round in circles
I've run out of control
I'm small - I'm spent
I'm giving You my hand

Let me get lost in something bigger than myself
Let me get lost in a cause for someone else
Show me the way to set my eyes on sights above
On my way back home
Let me get lost in Your love

I have wasted hours searching - but I can't see
Where I should go or what I need to do
I'm lost in indecision
Another choice ahead
I need someone to take my by the hand

Lord, You understand me
You know my ways and deeds
I take - You give
Now take me back again

(repeat chorus)

(c) 1986 by Calla Lily Productions/BMI, Dayspring Music (a div. of Word, Inc.)/BMI, and Geodesic Music/ASCAP. Used by permission. All Rights Reserved.

may post the mp3 of this here later...

24 Season Finale?

What was that?!?! Our favorite "man show, shoot 'em up" drama/suspense TV program turned into a cheesy soap opera!! (complete with Chloe pregnant?) Don't get me wrong, it was great - the real 24 we've all come to love - until the last 15 minutes or so when it just stopped in it's tracks for "One Life to Live" or something... and the cliffhanger?? (get it?) hehe ...Jack staring into the water from the cliff above [fade to black]. Great episode(s) minus the last 15 minutes. Was it just me, or does anyone else agree that was really stretching it and a very weak ending?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sin And Self-Centeredness

Ran across this devotional from "The Purpose Driven Life" in my inbox this morning, and thought it worthy of archiving on my own blog. To view the devotion in it's original format, click here.

Sin And Self-Centeredness
By Jon Walker

“We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love other believers.” (1 John 3:14 GW)

Living for yourself is essentially the same thing as sin.

When we live for ourselves, we live as if we’re separated from God – and that’s when we, as believers, become mean and selfish, insensitive and manipulative. It’s exactly this kind of sinful, self-preserving behavior and attitudes that fill our paychecks with death (Romans 6:23).

On the other hand, living for others allows us to access eternal life right here and right now. How? God’s life, his Spirit within us, is eternal life, and through the power of his life within us, we can live for others, listening to his Spirit as he guides us to the best places to meet their needs.

When we believe in Christ and receive him into our hearts, we not only receive eternal life (looking to the future), but we also become “partakers of the divine nature” (looking at the present – 2 Peter 1:4). We are “new creations” (2 Corinthians 5:17), joined for eternity with God’s life, but that God-life also is active in us as the Holy Spirit indwells our being.

By believing the truth – that God is looking out for us – we don’t need to look out for ourselves, and that means we can look out for others (Matthew 6:33; Philippians 4:19). God’s deep, intimate, supportive fellowship with us gives birth to a deep, intimate, supportive fellowship with other believers (1 John 1:7).

Listen: Our fellowship with God is worked out best in fellowship with other people.

As new creations in Christ, you need no longer be motivated by fears; you’re now free to look at life through the lens of love – viewing what is best for others. This activates the fruit of the Spirit – love in its many flavors: joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control. When you make it your aim to love, the spirit of God releases “the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Christ” through you – an aroma that moves, Paul says, “from Life to life.” (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)

So what?

· God’s best – When God and his loving nature become your point of reference, you can start asking: “What’s God’s best for others in this situation?” That inspires a quality of service to others that rises far above what we are likely to give if we only offer them our own “best.”

· The mind of Christ guides your service – In Philippians 4:8, Paul gives us a grid to filter out anything that is not consistent with the mind of Christ. If an image is not true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, or of good report, if a thought is not excellent and praiseworthy, it is to be filtered out by the mind of Christ so as not to find a landing place in us.

· The power of God enables your service – Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God’s “mighty power at work within us ... is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.” (NLT) Don’t allow your vision of what is possible in serving others to be limited by what you see as your own strength and resources.

· Serve, not served (Mark 10:45) – Jesus came as a servant, (Philippians 2:5-7) telling his disciples, “I AM among you as one who serves.” (Luke 22:27) Take a look at three or four of your closest relationships and ask, “How can I serve this person?” List specific ways you can serve them as Christ would.

© 2007 Jon Walker. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

shocking... Melinda goes home

shocking... Melinda Doolittle voted off American Idol. She was, no doubt, the best singer and most consistent contestant this season. Her consistency and professionalism may have been her undoing. (She HAS already sung on some great projects. Click here and then the "credits" tab for the list.) All I can say is that now it IS back to an amateur contest. So now... Go Blake! Who would have guessed Blake might win this thing?

The positive of this is that Melinda can now make her own recording, without any ties to AI, and it can be a true reflection of her - sorta like Elliott Yamin from last year.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Idol chatter

Okay, yes, we watch American Idol almost religiously. As of tonight, here are my picks for the remaining contestants this season. (A few ties - I just can't make up my mind)

1. Melinda Doolittle - although LaKisha was my #1 pick after the first show, Melinda has proven herself as a total professional. Years of singing backup has certainly paid off, and made her the one to beat this year. She is just in a different league - a pro!

3. LaKisha Jones - still one of my favorites, but I'm not sure she'll have enough to pull ahead of Melinda. Great voice - could definitely be the next Jennifer Hudson, non-winner, superstar with the right break. The kiss to Simon Cowell tonight will be talked about for a long time - too funny!

3. Blake Lewis - Okay, I was totally blown away by Blake's arrangement of "You Give Love a Bad Name" tonight. This guy is definitely talented, and brings his own fresh arrangments of these songs to the coaching sessions. Tonight's arrangement was a perfect example. Very risky, but it paid off... the only word I could keep repeating afterward was "incredible." If he doesn't win, he will definitely get a record deal, and I wouldn't be surprised if people seek him out to collaborate for his fresh arrangments.

5. Chris Richardson - the kid IS Justin Timberlake... is there any denying it? Yes he does sing a bit nasaly, but he definitely has "what he does" down. Blue-eyed soul - gotta love it!

5. Phil Stacey - probably the best overall male singer on the program, but just lacks something. Don't get me wrong, he's a great singer, very strong voice, but I just don't see him as the next American Idol.

6. Jordin Sparks - This girl is FANTASTIC for a 17 year old - for an any-year old for that matter. Great voice, very talented, but just not quite in the same league as the other contestants. She had many great weeks, but is just not quite as consistent.

So who do I think are going home tomorrow night? Jordin & either Chris or Phil. This is the hard part of AI - toward the end when they really all deserve to be there.


  • Speaking of deserving to be there, aren't well all glad Sanjaya is gone? Good grief!! So many other good singers voted off before they should have been - before Sanjaya... like almost all of the other top 11 contestants! votefortheworst.com - so frustrating!
  • Taylor Hicks - where is he? Have he or Katharine McPhee even been mentioned, much less featured to appear? Maybe because they shouldn't have been the final two last season. Who should it have been then?
  • Elliot Yamin. His first project finally released a few weeks ago. It is incredible, fun, and all Elliot - this is what contestants can do when they don't win - go out and make an album that really characterizes who they are. This is exactly what Elliot did. If you loved him and his soulful vocal stylings last season, you will absolutely love this CD. It is Elliot singing Elliot.
Okay, those are my idol ramblings for now.