Monday, January 21, 2008


Quote of the day from my reading

Have enough faith, dear reader, to believe that you need mercy. Mercy is not for those who think they have merited it. Such people seek justice, not mercy. Only the guilty need and seek mercy. Believe that God delights in mercy, delights to give grace where it cannot be deserved, delights to forgive where there is no reason for forgiveness but His own goodness. Believe also that the Lord Jesus Christ is the incarnation of mercy. His very existence is mercy to you. His every word means mercy. His life, His death, His intercession in heaven, all mean mercy, mercy, mercy, nothing but mercy.... He is the Savior for you.

- Charles Spurgeon, Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

And a great song for you... "Mercy" by Jonathan Bulter

Saturday, January 19, 2008

reflections on snow

As the snow falls and a beautiful white blanket covers the ground and everything in its path, my mind raced to this old song - a hymn (yes, many will gasp at this). My prayer is that it will speak to you today as much as it (and the snow) did to me today.

Verse 1
Lord Jesus I long
To be perfectly whole
I want Thee forever
To live in my soul
Break down every idol
Cast out every foe
Now wash
me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

Whiter than snow
Yes whiter than snow
Now wash
me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

Verse 2
Lord Jesus look down
From Thy throne in the skies
And help
me to make
A complete sacrifice
I give up myself
And whatever I know
Now wash
me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

Verse 3
Lord Jesus for this
I must humbly entreat
I wait blessed Lord
At Thy crucified feet
By faith for my cleansing
I see Thy blood flow
Now wash
me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

Verse 4
Lord Jesus before You
I patiently wait
me now and within me
A new heart create
To those who have sought You
You never said no
Now wash
me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

We are blessed to be part of such a loving church family, that is not afraid to match the talk with a loving walk - staying beside us as we journey... which reminds me of something that I read earlier this week about the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Paraclete.

Apologies in advance for the long quote: (but it's a good one)

"He {Jesus} promised that He would not leave His friends alone, but would come to them by sending the Comforter, the Paraclete. (See John 14:16-18) Para means "alongside," and kaleo means "to call." "I will send you One whom you can call upon who will come alongside and help you with your infirmities."

We must take a look at the Greek word for help. It's a combination of three words: sun - "along with, together"; anti - "on the opposite side"; and lambano - "to take hold of." When you put them together, sunantilambanotai means "to take hold of together with us over on the other side." Did you ever get excited over a Greek word? You should when you think of this one! "I will send you a Paraclete who comes alongside when you call, who will take hold of, together with you, on the other side."

It helps to get even more technical in our word analysis, for this word is in the indicative mood and represents a FACT. [emphasis mine] It is in the middle voice, indicating that the Holy Spirit is doing the action; it is in the present tense, that speaks of habitual, continuous action. He is always there!

Here is one of the great works of the comforting, counseling Paraclete - He is always available to take hold on the other side of our crippling infirmity, our damaged emotion, our painful hangup. He doesn't leave us because we are damaged or imperfect in our performance. He is exactly the opposite from the misconceived caricature of the God which the perfectionist imagines - the God who is always whispering, "Come on now! Try a little harder! You can do better than that! Measure up and I will love you!" The Paraclete is the God who understands, who sees we are carrying a burden to too heavy for us, who realizes we cannot make it on our own, who comes alongside and takes hold of the heavy burden and its pain and helps us to lift it, enabling us to carry our crippling infirmity. What a beautiful picture!" (Healing for Damaged Emotions, p.136-137)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Know The Truth

Just heard this song on the radio, and couldn't resist posting the chorus!

I Know The Truth (Lies)
(as sung by Shirley Caesar and Tonex)
(You've been telling lies),
but I know the truth.
(Satan, you been telling lies),
but I know the truth.
(The devil's been telling lies),
but I know the truth.

I have been delivered,
Satan's under my feet,
I've been forgiven,
so you ain't got nothing on me;
the devil's been telling his lies,
but I know the truth, I know the truth.

Made me smile really big, through puddles in my eyes! :-) God is faithful to give glimpses of Himself on a daily basis!