Tuesday, April 22, 2008

guess what she said...

Today is our 19th anniversary, and I asked her to marry me again. We went for dinner at The Grayson House restaurant. I asked for a private table in a private room and arranged for a harpist to be there playing as we dined. As we entered the room the harpist was playing "In This Very Room", a song I sang at our wedding 19 years ago. I had put this on the repertoire list, but did not request an order of songs, so it must have been a "God thing". Once we were seated, my beloved could hardly stop crying long enough to order dinner. (I had a hard time holding tears back myself!) At the end of our meal I snuck out long enough (disguised as a trip to the men's room) to get an arrangement of long stemmed roses... 19 red roses, signifying our 19 years together, and 1 single white rose bud in the middle, signifying a new beginning together this year. To the white rose, I attached a little ring that I gave her on her 16th birthday years ago. I brought the roses into the room as the harpist continued to play, knelt down, and asked her to marry me all over again... guess what she said... YES!

We left there and went to Stone Mountain Park, sat under the stars and just talked for several hours before heading home for the evening.