Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Hallelujah

Love Lakewood, love the African Children's Choir, and Michael W. Smith is pretty okay too. :-)

enjoy this Friday's video...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Dec. 17 – Streams in the Desert (Cowman)
“All at once I felt as though a hand—not feeble, but omnipotent; not of wrath, but of love—was laid on my brow. I felt it not outwardly but inwardly. It seemed to press upon my whole being, and to diffuse all through me a holy, sin-consuming energy. As it passed downward, my heart as well as my head was conscious of the presence of this soul-cleansing energy, under the influence of which I fell to the floor, and in the joyful surprise of the moment, cried out in a loud voice. Still the hand of power wrought without and within; and wherever it moved, it seemed to leave the glorious influence of the Saviour’s image. For a few minutes the deep ocean of God’s love swallowed me up; all its waves and billows rolled over me.” —Bishop Hamline

I had an experience like this on Wednesday night, March 26, 2008. Reading through selected Psalms... Psalm after Psalm and wave after wave of a baptism of God's love. It's a night I will never forget!

Hallelujah Chorus

As far as I'm concerned one of THE classic contemporary arrangements of "Hallelujah Chorus" performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Friday video for the Christmas Season

"Emmanuel" (with "Your Name is Great") from Lakewood Church

and the "official" Hillsong version (thanks to iWorship videos)

Friday, December 05, 2008


Great song this Friday!

First the original version, sung by the writer...

and a rendition from Israel Houghton...

IMHO, the story of Mike Guglielmucci's (the songwriter of this song) struggle is best summed up in this article by J. Lee Grady (Charisma Magazine).