Monday, July 30, 2012

for uptight Christians...

"There are some who have no understanding to hear the truth of liberty and insist upon their goodness as means for salvation. These people you must resist, do the very opposite, and offend them boldly lest by their impious views they drag many with them into error. For the sake of liberty of the faith do other things which they regarded as the greatest of sins… Use your freedom constantly and consistently in the sight of and despite the tyrants and stubborn so that they may learn that they are impious, that their laws and works are of no avail for righteousness, and that they had no right to set them up."

 - Martin Luther - essay The Freedom of a Christian
don't ya just love him?

Friday, July 13, 2012

10 books legalists don’t want you to read

- a system in which a person seeks to gain God’s acceptance or blessings by what he does.
- any approach to Christian living that focuses on keeping rules as a means of experiencing victory or growing spiritually.
McVey, Steve (2005-05-01). Grace Walk (p. 80). Harvest House Publishers. Kindle Edition.  

10 books legalists don’t want you to read:
  1. Grace Walk (Steve McVey) 
  2. God Without Religion (Andrew Farley) 
  3. The Naked Gospel (Andrew Farley) 
  4. A Scandalous Freedom (Steve Brown) 
  5. The Pressure’s Off (Larry Crabb) 
  6. 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday (Steve McVey) 
  7. The Search for Significance (Robert McGee) 
  8. 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (John Fischer) 
  9. The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (Johnson & VanVonderen) 
  10. Three Free Sins (Steve Brown) 
Honorable Mention:
Boundaries (Cloud & Townsend)

Grace Rules (Steve McVey)

More Jesus | Less Religion (Arterburn & Felton)

Toxic Faith (Arterburn & Felton)