Tuesday, November 06, 2012

spoken word - Grace

Have I proven myself to believe in you cuz I have not acted on your word or produced any fruit according to the truth. But instead I'm steady tryna take your place, steal your throne and push you away, not realizing I’m here bcuz of your grace, when I know my sins and I should be on my face, and if you indicted me surely I would lose this case..but Lord I’m blind and I can’t see the way, they say you real and I believe what they say but why is it so hard to act like it each day?

You give me breath, you move my feet, I hear, I taste I touch I see…still it seems not enough to me. I wanna be God of my life, but how can I when I don’t do what’s right? I listen to others who go against you but deep inside we all know the truth. That Jesus Christ is coming soon and still we asking for more proof.

Teach me to fear you, teach me to hear you, draw my heart so I can come near, sometimes I’m scared cuz I know I’m wrong, sometime I’m weak when I want to be strong, Lord hear my cry, Lord wipe my eyes, so you can take away this pain inside. A broken heart is what I carry, make me new so this old man can be buried. Jesus Christ you gave us life, we squander it away as if you weren’t the perfect sacrifice. When I mess up I don’t think twice but still you say you love me as your wife.

I don’t understand this God I cant see, I don’t understand who you called me to be, I don’t understand how you love me for me, when I spit in your face and you still come get me….but I believe and I know its by faith that you are who you say and I know its by faith you hear when I pray and I know its by faith that you will change my ways, and I know its by faith that I make it each day, I know its by faith I receive your good grace and I know its by faith your fully God and fully man, and I know its by faith I’ll fulfill your commands and I know its by faith you save through your plan even when in our hearts against you we stand.

Dethrone us little people, show us your power, let us see ourselves for what we truly are this very hour. We are but dust and dirt flesh and blood, but spirit and soul can only live with you by your blood. You made all creation and called it good. We see what’s going on still we turn a deaf ear, Father please give us ears to hear..no matter our age, our race or our sex, help us to truly realize what is to come next, cuz you wont leave us Fatherless like the many others did…you protect your family and love your kids, even when that man didn’t take care of his.cuz word on the streets is Jesus handles His biz, the problem is…we fail at every turn, and when we crash and burn your willing to pick us up and help us learn. These kids are looking for something that’s real, not just what they see or what they feel but something supernatural and so King Jesus you will be hailed whether we bow now or bow later…its evident you destroy your haters even still you give us a chance while we waiver…Lord help us I think we realize now by your grace we do need a Savior!

- by Nicolette Law 

Nicolette has requested that this spoken word not be duplicated for any purpose of financial gain, but that it be made available freely to bless and edify.

the "weaker brother" fallacy

...some people are "professional weaker brothers." Those folks are not weaker brothers at all; they are hardcore legalists who play the role of weaker brothers. 

Almost without exception, whenever I have heard the "weaker brother" argument made, it has come from a long-time believer, not a new convert, who desires to create a "Christian nanny state" through the law.

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